At Johnny Long’s Training Academy we offer training programs for 1 on 1 or with a partner. Our 1 on 1 or partner training programs are specifically designed to meet individual athletic goals. Some of our top athletes prefer training in an exclusive environment. JLTA offers many solutions to your needs. After each Evaluation Period our coaching staff will develop a unique strength and conditioning game plan based on your level and goals. Each practice session targets specifically on Strength, Quickness, Agility, and Speed Techniques as well as your overall Conditioning and Sport Specific Skills.

Each athlete during our individual training will have his or her personalized workout provided by JLTA. The workouts will have core based exercises to help bring the athlete to his or her goals at an accelerated pace, complemented by sport specific exercises to help create game speed. Each individual will begin with the Elements Class and graduate to higher levels throughout the program. Our evaluations are designed to make sure the athlete understands the proper technique and mechanics used for each exercise before progressing to the next stage. We will never sacrifice weight over technique. Benefits come from hard work that’s why JLTA will be on top of each individual’s progression.

The challenge for athletes and our professional coaching staff is to develop the necessary skills within an individualized game plan that will give athletes the opportunity to perform at their optimal level of performance on any given day. We work with athletes in middle school, high school, college, and professional sports. We specialize in the areas of Sport Performance, Speed, Agility Quickness, Weight Training, Vision and Recovery.

Individual practices are available in 1 hour and 1 ½ hour increments on a weekly basis. Our dedicated coaches including our individualized training cycle will teach you how to train hard, get mentally tough and learn how to win.

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