ELITE Series (Typically 15-18 yrs old)


ELITE Series (Typically 15-18 yrs old)

The Elite Series is an amazing proven training series that has helped hundreds of athletes reach and surpass their individual goals. The Elite Series is an innovative training series for athletes looking to train at a high level for superior sport performance.  The Elite Series will cover areas that are vital to any athlete’s success both on and off the field.

JLTA’s professional coaching staff brings the athlete new revolutionary exercises and techniques used by some of the top strength coaches in the country to help develop All American athletes.  The Elite Series works exclusively to develop the overall total body conditioning needed to compete at a championship level.  Each conditioning phase focuses on specific exercises for developing different energy systems.

Our Elite Series will also introduce and help you master Combine training.  Combines and tryouts are a part of almost any sport.  At JLTA our coaches will prepare you for all drills and exercises needed to excel no matter the sport which you play.  Our combine training gives you the confidence and knowledge on how to prepare and conquer each combine test given with the results you want.

The Elite Series is combined with CPS training and includes Video Analysis, Sports Nutrition, Regeneration and Recovery, Vision Training, Competitive Competitions and Mental Toughness training.  The Elite Series along with our CPS training will simply help the athlete understand his or her weaknesses, then provide a bonus series to help them overcome it so the competition doesn’t get the edge.

The Elite Series simply builds your athleticism beyond your imagination to help your prepare for an ALL American year.

ELITE Series emphasizes:

  • CPS – Championship Performance Series
  • Explosive Strength Training
  • Progressive Speed Development
  • Sport Specific Speed
  • Sport Specific Conditioning
  • College Prep Combine Training
  • Vision Training
  • Active Core Development
  • Regeneration and Recovery Techniques

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