Championship Performance Series (CPS)


Championship Performance Series (CPS)

The Championship Performance Series can be applied to team sports and individual athletes. Johnny Long’s Training Academy (JLTA) not only trains athletes but coaches a series of mental toughness and competitiveness that no one else can match.  The Championship Performance Series is the most complete team building plan, processes, and practices available today.  Johnny Long’s Championship Performance Series is a total package of research and experience gathered together and applying them to your overall championship performance levels.  The Championship Performance Series is what makes JLTA the most productive training facility in the country. We bring a vast array of specialty training to the athlete.  Elements such as Video Analysis, Sports Nutrition, Regeneration and Recovery, Vision Training, Competitive Competitions and Mental Toughness all combined with great programs and superior coaching.

We understand that athletic training requires modified steps at different developmental levels. Unfortunately, the emphasis in athletic training is on physical development.  This is often the cause of poor preparation and poor performance.  And in the end the athlete struggles and fails.  We simply help the athlete understand his or her weaknesses, then help them overcome so your competition doesn’t get the edge.

Johnny Long has consulted with many Division I University teams over the past 14 years.

Specific needs such as yearly transition cycles, needs assessment, methods for devising team goals, standards, accountability and leadership were all developed by Johnny Long to improve individual and team performances.

The Championship Performance Series begins with the off -season, where all aspects of the season are evaluated to help define the vision for the next season.  We call this simply the “Player Evaluation”.  This evaluation helps the athlete understand what he or she is working toward and the goal is simple:

Train hard, get mentally tough and learn how to win……

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